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Welcome to the official website of ‘Center for Innovations Development’!



Welcome to the official website of ‘Center for Innovations Development’!


The team of the Center for Innovations Development (CID) wants to help the world become better through the development of e-Democracy (e-Dem), starting with successful initiation of e-petition implementation in 2014-2015, legalization of e-appeals, co-founding of effective NGO coalitions (e.g., Reanimation Package of Reforms e-Dem Coalition), development of up-to-date online citizen engagement tools and high-quality governance.

We are catalysts for e-Dem development in Ukraine, in Kyiv and other communities through the elaboration of the thematic Strategy and Action Plan for the Government of Ukraine, e-appeals, e-petitions, public budget, participatory budgeting and governance, e-consultations, integrated e-services platform, smart city, national bank of IT-solutions.

According to international assessments, Ukraine has made a vigorous growth over the past few years – it has risen to 45 positions and joined the ranks of top 32 world countries on e-participation. Today, about 2 million citizens use e-Democracy tools, including more than half a million citizens only in Kyiv.

The ‘CID’ organization starts its history from the team of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Department, founded in 2013.




Research. Study of the best world practices, state, and prospects of development in Ukraine.

Consulting. Assessment, counseling, and support of development tools for local government or non-governmental organizations.

Mediation. Mediation in strategic communication of civic organizations, state authorities and local self-government, representatives of business and mass media.

Innovations. Development of IT tools (in cooperation with partners), in particular, e-appeals, e-petitions, e-consultations, public budgets, e-maps, local self-government portals and other thametic portals.


E-Dem Lab


E-Dem Lab develops the theory and practice in the field of e-democracy and e-governance by studying and implementing worldwide experience, research and analytics, educational activities. It supports development of e-Dem tools in Ukraine, advocacy and implementation of thematic draft laws and regulations.




E-Dem Lab Kyiv, Concept for e-Dem Development and 2020 Plan , E-Petitions, Participatory Budget, NGO Platform, Cooperation with EGAP, Participation in the RPR, Kyiv Smart City, the OGP, the National Bank of IT Solutions (NBIT), Local e-Democracy Index, e-Consultations, National Participatory Budget, Participatory Budget School, e-Solutions for Amalgamated Communities (Hromadas), etc.




The experts of the Center for Innovations Development took part in conducting the next studies with preparation of the reports, policy briefs on e-Participation and e-Democracy topics:

  • Local E-Democracy Index in Ukraine 2018 (link)
  • Methodology for the Local E-Democracy Index (link)
  • E-consultations: Implementation trends in Ukraine (Policy Brief #5 on Good E-Governance) (link)
  • E-Petitions in Ukraine: National Study (link)
  • Public Services and E-Services for Residents of Amalgamated Hromadas (link)
  • Local E-Democracy: Current Developments (Policy Brief #3 on Good E-Governance) (link)
  • E-Petitions in Ukraine: People’s Agenda Setting (link)
  • Implementing E-Democracy: A Spectrum of Instruments and Choices (Policy Brief #2 on Good E-Governance) (link)
  • Legislative Aspects on E-Democracy in Ukraine (Policy Brief #1 on Good E-Governance) (link)
  • E-Democracy in Ukraine: Citizens’ & Key Stakeholders’ Perspectives (link)

More publications (the Ukrainian vesrion) are available at ‘Analytics’ section of the CID website (link).




Philanthropy aims at promoting social projects, innovation, sustainable development and social entrepreneurship.

Projects. IT-Solution for School 194 (Kyiv).




Email: info@cid.center

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