Analytics by CID Experts

The experts of the Center for Innovations Development took part in conducting the next studies with preparation of the reports, policy briefs on e-Participation and e-Democracy topics: 

  • E-Petitions in Ukraine: National Study (link)
  • Public Services and E-Services for Residents of Amalgamated Hromadas (link)
  • Local E-Democracy: Current Developments (Policy Brief #3 on Good E-Governance) (link)
  • E-Petitions in Ukraine: People’s Agenda Setting (link)
  • Implementing E-Democracy: A Spectrum of Instruments and Choices (Policy Brief #2 on Good E-Governance) (link)
  • Legislative Aspects on E-Democracy in Ukraine (Policy Brief #1 on Good E-Governance) (link)
  • E-Democracy in Ukraine: Citizens’ & Key Stakeholders’ Perspectives (link)

More publications (the Ukrainian vesrion) are available at ‘Analytics’ section of the CID website (link).